The main activity of our family is lost over the years and it is throw this long journey that we have obtained the present results. We have been engaging with olive oil production for generations. Our olive grows are situated in the Diano San Pietro territory, in the Diano Marina hinterland, in Liguria, where people cultivate only the Taggiasca variety. We have about 1800 secular olive trees of monocultivar taggiasca, spread out on 6 hectares of terraced terrain, the so-called “fasce”. In our territory the olive harvest still happens in the traditional way, manually, also do to the particularity of our countryside: Filomeno and Tiziano shake down the olives and Carmen collect them on the nets and, in the same day, they bring them to the olive mill, where they become oil. Cold pressing, to grant the best organoleptic, nutritional and conservation properties. Thanks to the winning combination of territory, climate and water, the Taggiasca olive is unique in the world, imitated but never equalized. Aromatic and fruity, with a harmonious taste, is widely used naturally (raw or pickled) in the kitchen. Its fame is now recognized internationally, since it enhances the dishes of the Mediterranean diet. There are many Liguria dishes based on Taggiasca olives, meat and fish stew, particularly. Among the most popular: Liguria stewed rabbit, brandacujun and cundijun.


Product description Price
Bottle of Extra Virgin Oil Taggiasco oil cl. 75 € 10,00
Can of Extra Virgin Oil Taggiasco oil lt. 1 € 13,00
Can of Extra Virgin Oil Taggiasco oil lt. 3 € 39,00
Can of Extra Virgin Oil Taggiasco oil lt. 5 € 63,00
Taggiasca pickled olives gr. 290 gross weight (drained gr. 180) in glass jar € 2,30
Taggiasca pickled olives gr. 1000 gross weight (drained gr. 700) in glass jar € 7,00
Taggiasca pickled olives gr. 400 gross weight (drained gr. 250) in plastic bag € 2,00
Patè of Olives Taggiasche gr. 130 € 2,50
Extra jams with our fruit gr 346 € 3,50
Pesto gr. 130 with pinenuts € 2,80